Brian Sumin Zhao

Master Degree (honours)

Member of AACMA

Picture of Brian Sumin Zhao

With an extensive family history in Chinese Medicine, Brian began his natural therapy education at a young age - learning about herbs and meditation from his father. He continued this pursuit at university, where he studied Chinese Medicine at Anhui Chinese Medicine University and later, the China Academy of Chinese Medical Science in Beijing, where he graduated with Honours and a Masters Degree.

Upon completion of his studies, real life beckoned! He began practicing Chinese Medicine in various hospitals throughout China, eventually specialising in immune related health complications. During this time, he also conducted many research projects - including a group project into the improvement of the body’s immune system, for which he received a National Prize.

Brian has over 30 years experience with complex health related issues and has practiced in various hospitals and clinics across China, New Zealand and Australia. His treatments are the embodiment of the Natural Healing philosophy - holistic, natural and root seeking.

Julie Li

Master Degree and Dip

Member of ATMS

Picture of Julie Li

Julie's interest in the body's natural healing systems began at the age of 7, when she started learning Tai Chi from a pre-eminent master. This taught her the importance of mental and physical balance and was the beginning of a lifetime passion.

Through university and further education, Julie delved into the rich world of natural therapy and later began working in clinics across New Zealand and Australia. She has over 15 years experience as a natural therapist, with a focus on women’s health, stress and pain relief.

Julie has treated many different patients from all over the world. Despite their differences, her patients all have one thing in common – they all leave Natural Healing saying, “Wonderful! You’ve really made me better!”